Calhoun County Historical Sites

Bellebroughton Plantation (Bell Broughton)

In the area which encompasses Calhoun County, a series of magnificent plantations was established during the Colonial Period. Each plantation, organized as a self-contained unit, had an elegant main house. A classic example is Bellebroughton Plantation, established by the Broughton family, located outside the town limits of Creston near the Santee River.

It was already established as Bellebroughton Plantation in 1735, for when James LaBass, Esquire warranted for 200 acres in Amelia, his tract was located “halfway between Foquet and Sabb, known as Bellebroughton Plantation.”

When William Sabb of Amelia Township wrote his will in 1765, he referred to five tracts, “joining Bellebroughton’s tract.” Later, the tract became the property of the Sabb family.

The main house burned; today, the site yields examples of eighteenth and nineteenth century china. Indian pottery is also found in the area.

William Sabb’s daughter Elizabeth was born at Bellebroughton on June 27, 1761. In 1887, R. E. Edwards of Creston purchased the property.

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