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Edward Wimberly House - Dantzler Street, St. Matthews, SC

Edward Wimberly House Dantzler Street St. Matthews SC

Handsome residence built about 1907, shortly before the death of its builder Edward Wimberly. It is styled in the Columbian Exposition class architecture (1893, Chicago). This style is later referred to as Southern Colonial.

Mr. Wimberly married Mary Elizabeth Banks on February 24, 1893, and went into business with J. A. Banks. He was reputed to be an excellent businessman. The store founded as Banks-Wimberly was one of the most prosperous in the area. Mr. Wimberly contracted pneumonia while stumping for the organization of Calhoun County. He died in 1907.

The beautifully-kept Wimberly House is one of the outstanding landmarks within the town limits of St. Matthews and represents an excellent example of Southern Colonial architecture.

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