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Ulmer-Summers House*

Ulmer Summers House

Built by John Jacob Ulmer on a grant dated 1804 on a mill pond several miles from the present town of Cameron. The house was inherited by his son George Jacob. This house had been build on a Mill pond. When there was fear of “Yellow Fever the pond was destroyed this house was rolled on logs by mules 1 mile from where it had been originally constructed. Later George Jacob moved this house in 1836 near today’s hwy 33. Mrs. David Summers, Sr who moved it 100 yards to it’s present location. It has been in the Summers family for four generations. It was remodeled over a period of three years, 1966-69, and restored. The original, "dog trot," which once ran wide open to carry the cool breezes through the house, was enclosed. It is painted in authentic period paint and the stair entrance of old brick and wood is an authentic reproduction.

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